Have you ever stopped to contemplate whether the image that you project is in alignment with who you are and what you want. I can increase your potential to achieve whatever success you are seeking – by analyzing your face and body shape & selecting fabrics, colors and styles to suit you best. I can declutter and organize your current closet; determine missing pieces from your wardrobe & help you shop for it all.

Maximize your full fashion potential and take control of the impression you make. You will confidently project a clear message and always be ‘image-ready’.

Convey YOUR message wordlessly to the world.



About Me

My name is Tehillah and I’m New York City born and bred. From the age of six when I loved to dress up dolls in outfits that I created, I’ve had a flair for fashion and an innate sense of style. My rewarding fashion career began over 30 years ago, and includes showroom sales, merchandising, and marketing. I’ve worked with some of the worlds’ leading brands; my clients were prestigious national retailers.  I’ve appeared on QVC and have combined my fashion and accessories expertise with a knack for brand management and team leadership.

Now, I’m doing what I love most – focusing my passion and talents on helping people discover and elevate their best self. To that end, I’ve completed the IMAGE certificate program at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).  In my vision, each person represents their own individual brand. I help identify, enhance and fine tune your unique message so that what the world sees on the outside honors the way you feel on the inside.

Together, we can UPDATE your closet, UPDATE your look, and ultimately UPDATE your life.

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